OC: A New Dawn Same Moon Same Sun - 2nd Phase LP

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O.C. drops the '2nd Phase' of his trilogy of DITC Studios albums with "A New Dawn". Following up from the critically acclaimed "Same Moon Same Sun" album, the Diggin' In The Crates crew member once again drops another LP of pure quality for old and new heads alike. Production is handled by Showbiz, Motif Alumni, Dark Keys and Gwop Sullivan. Outright confessions of only a crutch. For an omnipresent companion against sorrow in song is constantly sought and rarely found. Organically contemplate life under the creativity of all things as under a new dawn one supposes.  To see the enormity of greatness return, almost like the expectation of a rewind. To reconvene our contemplation even more profoundly in the play of this prose’ fluidity. When Sunez coming in through your window, there is warm retrospection on the speakers, O.C.’s A New Dawn.

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