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Combinations with Rhythm and Flow - 7" Scratch Record - Orange Vinyl

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Product description

"Combinations with Rhythm and Flow" is Cut & Paste Masters first 7" skipless scratch tool created with portable scratching in mind.

Featuring skip proof loops from "Combinations from the Masters" and "Cadence with Rhythm and Flow" portable scratchers have two scratch records in one re-configured to a pitch that works perfectly with portable set-ups.

Side A - 83.33 BPM @ 33 1/3 RPM - Cadence with Rhythm and Flow

Side B - 83.33 BPM @ 33 1/3 RPM - Combinations from the Masters

Each side has 10 tracks of samples and a full sentence + bass tone and drums.

*Cut and Paste records do not come in sealed plastic. We send them to you exactly as we received them

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