Chaos in Chatelet by Yann Kornowicz 12" Cinematic Instrumental Record

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Chaos in Châtelet is a series of sonic landscapes that illustrate the scenes of a futuristic fantasy movie. From the introduction to the end credits, you will be plunged into buried childhood memories like an old sunday morning VHS tape session. The atmospheres include fast-paced retrofuturistic synth sequences as well as ghostly layers of sonic illustration that leave your imagination set up a movie set designed for the music.

Christine, Highlander, Bloodsport, Blade Runner, Big Trouble in Little China: as many references that come to the mind when listening to this ambitious project composed by a young beatmaker with his old analog machines.
The chantings of female voices, electric guitar booming surges and orchestral arrangements come to complete the sonic landscape and establish a deliciously dark escape from reality. So get you pop-corn ready and curl up in your cozy sofa:
The movie is just about to start!

A1 Opening Song (Feat. Haji)
A2 The Undercity Sound
A3 The Dragon Peep Show Club
Trumpet – Donald Devienne
A4 Laura
A5 Looking At The Dying Sun

B1 The Lost Station
B2 The Chase In The Ghost Train
B3 The Psychopomp March
B4 Flashback
B5 The Trees Of Light (Feat. Swala Emati)
B6 Final Act
B7 End Credits (Feat. Akin Yai)


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