Crane Stand Classic Color Collection: Crimson DJ Laptop Stand

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Product description

The Classic is the name we gave these limited volume special color orders.  Still the same phenomenal design as the CV3 Crane Stand Plus, but in an ever changing selection of colors.  Get them while you can because we don't guarantee the same color selection year in and year out.

 Included: Nylon Carry Bag, 1 Year Limited Warranty.  Multiple color options available

The Crane Stand is the sturdiest, most adjustable, most compact, laptop stand on the market and the only one backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The Crane Laptop Stand's adjustable 3-legged design allows you to slide it under any DJ mixer, turntable or CDJ, giving you perfect placement of your laptop in any dj booth, without sacrificing sturdiness of the stand. Weighing only 2.8 pounds, the Crane Stand's space-age design is capable of supporting the weight of not only the heaviest laptop, but also the largest CDJ or midi controller. Similarly capable stands cost over $300 and are not portable at all because they are made for club installations instead of gigging DJs.

The Crane Laptop Stand is the first to give the DJ and performer what he needs, at a price that he can afford. Deceptively simple at first glance, the Crane Stand is truly a marvel of design that gives you industrial strength effectiveness while being sexy enough to display at the museum of modern art. The Crane Stand keeps you looking good behind the decks, unlike other cheap, flimsy, industrial-looking portable stands.