Monoprice Speaker Stand

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Keep your heavy performance speakers safe and in the proper position during performances with this pair of Air Cushioned Speaker Stands from Monoprice!

These heavy-duty steel stands are designed with the performance professional in mind. They are constructed from 1 3/8" diameter steel tubes and can each hold up to 130 lbs in weight. Each speaker can be positioned from 43" to more than 7 feet above the stage, ensuring that your music reaches your entire audience. A built-in pneumatic shock absorber in each stand provides an extra level of safety by preventing speaker drops or falls. The base of the stand measures about 42" when fully expanded.

  • Heavy duty steel tube speaker stand
  • Built-in Air-Cushion safely mechanism to prevent sudden speaker drops
  • Tube Diameter: 1.375in (3.5cm)
  • Load capacity: 130 lbs (60kgs)
  • Minimum/Maximum Height: From 43in (110cm) up to more than 7 ft (213cm)
  • Base Width: Expandable up to 42in (122cm)

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