Reloop Modular Bag Premium Semi Hard Case

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Product description

The Premium Modular Bag gives DJs and Live Acts the opportunity to protect their controller from unwanted drops, damage from sharp objects, liquids and dirt. Modular Bag is the perfect option for carrying your gear while touring. The soft inlay stores the controller gently inside the bag. Through the usage of soft foam, the controller is fixed tightly. A comfortable carrying handle let you easily grab the bag. You will not notice the Modular Bag due to the extremely low weight – even in heavy loaded backpacks.


Premium Modular Bag for carrying and protecting a modular controller
Fits many recent modular controllers like e.g. Reloop MIXTOUR
Ideal for travelling DJs and live acts
Solid construction with reinforced edging against unwanted drops
Sturdy nylon textile: Prevents damage from sharp objects, liquids and dirt
Soft inlay for gentle storage of the controller
Fixation of the controller by use of soft foam
Acts as a stand for getting the controller on the right height
Comfortable carrying handle made of composition leather and red nylon
Extremely low weight

Technical Data

Dimensions: 340 x 165 x 60 mm
Inner dimensions: 315 x 135 x 25 mm
Weight: 233 g

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