On-Stage Studio Boom Hex-Base Studio Microphone Stand - Black SMS7630B

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Product description

This heavy-duty studio stand is the first of its kind to combine an internal air suspension system with a telescoping boom. The 16 lb. Hex-Base with rubber feet brings superior stability to this stand while the unique shape means more room for feet placement.


    Top-of-the-line hex-base studio microphone stand made from heavy-duty materials and built to last


    Telescoping boom arm extends 32.5" to 47" while oversized zinc die-cast clutch with 3" grip adjusts the height from 42 - 72"


    16 pound cast iron hex-shaped embossed base with M20 threading and 6 rubber feet which absorb vibrations and protect floors


    Solid steel machined lug with M20 threading provides an excellent combination of fast assembly and secure connection, while extending thread wear far beyond fine-thread designs

Product Attributes
Height 42"-72"
Base Spread 15"
Base Weight 16 lbs.
Boom Length 32.5"-47"
Threading 5/8"-27"
Base Threading M20
Color Black