Sacred Geometry IV - 'Foundations' 12" Serato Control Vinyl (Pair)

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Sacred Geometry IV - Foundations

Foundations: A 12” pair of Serato Control Records continuing our journey through the world of sacred geometry. As we near the end of our visual journey between sacred geometry and music, the time has come to reveal the next chapter: Foundations. Patterns of three surround us in the world. From the balance of our body, mind, and spirit, to our sense of time with the past, present, and future, individually and collectively. In this series, the triangle acts as a representation of musical composition: melody, rhythm, and harmony. These are the foundations of the DJ's skill in blending distinct musical
elements into a unified whole. It highlights the creative prowess of DJs as architects of sound, blending different tones and beats into a symphony of harmony.

Following our previous three releases in this series, this vinyl is custom-made from a novel compound featuring a translucent white base with elegant gold streaks and violet textures radiating from the center. Pressed into a standard 12” Serato weight disc, it meets the highest performance standards and demands. The vinyl comes encased in a precision laser-cut sleeve, made from luxurious matte black stock.

The latest Serato Control Vinyl 2.5 offers an enhanced experience with our re-mastered Serato NoiseMapTM Control Tone. Now 6db louder than previous versions, it ensures precise tracking, improved vinyl durability, and the most authentic digital vinyl feel available on the market.

Title: 2 x 12" Sacred Geometry IV - 'Foundations'
SKU: SCV-SP-076-G4
UPC: 873857006187

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