RANE Mag Four Contactless Tension-Adjustable Fader

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Product description


Ultra-Light Contactless Tension Adjustable Fader for the SEVENTY, SEVENTY-TWO and SEVENTY-TWO MKII


• Lightest RANE fader ever

• Contactless fader technology

• Smooth & silent performance

• RANE Patented Magnetic position sensing technology with additional HAL sensor for increased accuracy

• Users customizable force magnet tension adjust

• Fully interchangeable on RANE SEVENTY, SEVENTY-TWO & SEVENTY-TWO MKII models

• Digital endpoint user adjustable accuracy

• Dual High Polished mirror finish rods for the smoothest performances

• Advanced unique carrier material for excessively high durability created by the most demanding DJs

• Ultra-Wide fader Tang to handle high performance activity

• Exclusive RANE custom sculpted fader

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