SoundSwitch Control One Professional Lighting Interface for DJs

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SoundSwitch Control One Professional Lighting Interface for DJs

Designed for DJs by DJs
Lighting control simplified for DJs
Just like hot cue pads on your DJ gear, Control One offers responsive performance triggers for automated light shows, color overrides, position overrides, strobe, and other customizable lighting effects. Compatibility with professional DJ platforms from Engine DJ, Serato DJ, and Virtual DJ makes it easy to integrate Control One into existing DJ setups.

Expansive Connectivity
Dual USB + DMX Universes
The Control One features dual USB ports for seamless transitions between DJs, and two DMX outputs providing 1024 channels for countless light fixtures. The additional DMX Input ports and onboard storage allow for direct integration with clubs, bars, and music venue's existing lighting systems.

Powered by SoundSwitch
AutoScripting, Patching & Venue Setup
Use the SoundSwitch Desktop software to AutoScript your tracks, setup your lighting patch and create Autoloops, Static Looks and more, then easily export your SoundSwitch Project for use with Engine Lighting

Plug & Play with Engine DJ Hardware
A standalone audio and lighting experience
Prefer performing without a computer? Control One is plug and play compatible with Engine DJ hardware running Engine DJ v2.0 or higher. Simply connect Control One to an available USB port on the Engine DJ hardware. Once connected, you’ll have full standalone control over the entire performance environment, music, and lights.


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