How much does it cost to become a DJ?

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As low as $299 for a beginner controller like the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4. A computer tablet or smart phone is needed as well.

There are various ways to get started as a DJ these days. Depending if you already have a computer or smart phone you can get started several different ways. We recommend starting with a computer and beginner DJ controller like the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 ($299). That way you can try out Serato lite and rekordbox to see which software you prefer. You can also attach a smartphone or tablet instead of a computer. Starting with a standalone(no computer needed) DJ controller is another slightly more expensive option starting at $699 for a Numark Mixstream Pro +, or $1099 for a Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR to get started with rekordbox USB drives. You would also have to figure in the cost of a record pool for music downloads if you don’t already have a digital music collection. We can help you figure out the right equipment for you at Mile High DJ Supply.


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