Thud Rumble

Superseal 8.1: Sokbot Vs Clone of Sokbot: Super Seal 8 12” Scratch Record

Superseal 8.1
Superseal 8.1
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SUPERSEAL 8.1 Sokbot Vs Clone of Sokbot 12” All kinds of amazing Skratch samples guaranteed to rock the house! Locked end grooves and all the surprises! Produced by Sokbot's clone while Sokbot took a nap!l! On lovely multi-colored marbled wax! No two are alike (except for Sokbot's clone)!!! Get a few! These are one of those special rare records that will be increasing in value as time moves on!! Only 500 in existence!!! Cover is puzzle piece #1!

Puzzle art by Yedi Fresh

Sokbot vs Sokbot photo by Skratchy Seal


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