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Superseal 8.2 with Traktor! Super Seal Vs Super Eel! Super Seal 8 12” Scratch Record

Superseal 8.2
Superseal 8.2
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Say What Say What!!? SUPERSEAL 8.2 Super Seal Vs Super Eel 12” Featuring Traktor on one side!!! All kinds of amazing skipless skratch samples on the other side with the huge, long, thick "Aaah" and "Fresh" tracks! Plus of course, a priceless TRAKTOR control tone for the digital NI users who have been requesting it for so long!!! Locked end grooves, Drum skratch tracks, etc. courtesy of the amazing classic: Superseal 4D! Executive Produced by Super Eel from Okinawa! On green wax for your green screen streams!!! In chromotherapy, green also unlocks any creative blocks!!! Get a few!!!

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