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Mile High Dj Supply 7" Slipmat 9oz SkinnEz™ Glazed™ Bottom Made By Glowtronics (Single)

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Product description

9oz SkinnEz™ Glazed™ turntable slipmats are perfect, these slipmats are made from only the highest quality 9oz felt material. 9oz SkinnEz™ slipmats were specifically produced to compliment the Scratch DJ. These low profile slipmats are fast with very smooth and precise handling.
If you are looking for scratch/battle mats to cut the competition these are your slipmats!

Material Specs

Material: 100% polyester felt
Weight: 9oz
Dimensions: 7″ Diameter
Thickness: 0.031 (1/32″)
Bottom Surface: Glazed™
Grade: Strong High Quality
Feel: Dense / Soft
Accuracy: Precise