Odyssey KROM Series PRO2 Case for Two Turntable Needle Cartridges Silver Diamond (KCC2PR2SD)

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Product description


The best DJ turntable needle cartridge protectors when you're a DJ on the go, Odyssey's Krom™ KCC PRO2 cases protect your most valuable spinning tools with functional style. Whether you have Shures, Ortofons, Stantons, Technics etc...you'll have no worries with them suspended on the cartridge bayonet holders securely held in place and cushioned by soft density cartridge lid egg foam. Also includes a compartment for your spare needles just in "case". The all black KCC2PR2BL holds one pair of turntable cartridges.

Features and Specifications

- All Black Coated Hardware Exterior ***or***

- Silver and Chrome Exterior ***or***

- Chrome, Silver, and Silver Diamond Exterior Design

- Two Suspension Cartridge Holders- Includes Spare Needles Compartment

- Soft Low-Density lid Foam Cushion

Dimensions: 5.50" W x 4.50" D x 2.13" H
Weight: 0.55 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 6.00" W x 5.00" D x 2.50" H
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs

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