On-Stage Utility Cart Bag (UCB2500)

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On-Stage Utility Cart Bag (UCB2500)

Increase the loading capacity of the UTC2200 or UTC5500 Utility Cart with the UCB2500 Cart Bag. The reinforced bottom provides a solid surface for placing amps and other gear while the sides enclose and stabilize non-stackable items such as drum hardware, enabling more equipment to be loaded at once. Corner straps save space by securely holding speaker, lighting, and mic stands in the upright position while exterior accessory pockets carry anything from cables to microphones or other small accessories. For safe transportation, hook-and-loop straps ensure the bag is safely attached to the cart frame.

  •  Corner straps with buckles securely hold stands upright during transportation
  •  Encloses and stabilizes the entire load including non-stackable items
  •  Exterior accessory pockets provide seperate cargo space for small supplies
  •  Fits on the UTC2200 and UTC5500 Utility Carts to boost loading capacity
  •  Heavy duty hook-and-loop straps ensure proper attachment to the cart frame
  •  Reinforced bottom provides a solid surface for containing various types of gear

Heavy Duty Nylon: 40 x 20 x 12 

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