Ortofon Concorde DJ Cartridge Mk2 (Single)

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Product description

Since the launch of the original Concorde cartridges more than 25 years ago, DJs have embraced the convenience, sound quality, and industrial design of the Concorde. With the launch of the Concorde MKII, Ortofon has listened to the demands of vinyl DJs of all types to develop a superior cartridge series with an unprecedented level of durability, groove holding, and sound quality. The new Concorde, which is redesigned from the ground-up, features a more robust stylus tip with larger cut-out, as well as a replaceable textured grip and handle. The Concorde DJ cartridge is a suitable model for both scratch and backcueing use, providing rigidity, excellent groove handling, and low record wear. Easy connectivity to the tonearm makes setup quick and easy in any performance scenario.

Ortofon Concorde DJ Turntable Cartridge Features:

  • Fully redesigned for better durability, groove holding, and sound quality.
  • More robust stylus tip with larger cut-out.
  • Wider grip area for easier handling.
  • Replaceable textured grip and tapered handle.
  • Quick and convenient tonearm connection.
  • Attractive split housing and one-piece metal tonearm fitting.
  • Stylus seats tightly onto cartridge body with tactile feedback.
  • Suited for both scratch and backcueing use.
  • Excellent groove handling and low record wear.

Output voltage at 1,000 Hz, 5 cm/sec: 6mV.
Channel balance at 1 kHz: 1 dB.
Channel separation at 1kHz: 22 dB.
Channel separation at 15kHz: 15 dB.
Frequency range at -3 dB: 20 – 20,000 Hz.
Tracking ability at 315 Hz.
at recommended tracking force: 100 μm.
Compliance, dynamic lateral: 14 μm/mN.
Stylus type: Spherical, R 18 μm.
Tracking force range: 3 – 5 g.
Tracking force recommended: 4 g.
Cartridge weight : .04 / 18.5 g.
Replacement stylus unit: DJ.

Each CC DJ SINGLE Retail Box Includes:
(1) Ortofon Concorde DJ Single cartridge and one stylus packed in a plastic tray

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