* SPECIAL ORDER * ProX 48" Mirror Ball 120CM (MB-48)

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ProX MB-48 48" Mirror Ball 120CM

Very Important: This item can take up to 4 months for delivery. It will be specially ordered just for you, therefore we will not accept returns or give refunds. 

The Prox MB-48 48-inch Mirror Ball is the perfect way to get your crowd moving, it's a classic effect that works well with any lighting rig.  Our MB-48 mirror ball is made of 0.75" glass mirror tiles, which are smaller than those commonly used today. As a result, they offer an increased number of reflective tiles for a more dazzling and colorful effect. You can achieve the classic disco effect through the use of a mirror ball motor and follow spot (sold separately). 

ProX mirror balls are available in many sizes.

Shipping dimensions for the 48" Mirror Ball 
52 x 50 x 65"
Weight: 130 lbs


Resistant to Cracking
Security ring with axis connection
0.4" tiles
Polyfoam Core with 0.75" Glass Mirror Tiles.
Use Mirrorball Motor X-MBM1 (3 RPMs) or X-MBM3 (1 RPMS) with this effect piece.
More Reflective Tiles
More Colorful Effect
Classic Mirror Ball with Pin Spot (sold separately)


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