Smhertz Cold Breaks 7" Break Record

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Giuseppe Caiazzo has donned his mask and cape as he prepares to descend upon the world as SMHERTZ, the formidable breakbeat superhero your turntable needs. Taking his name from the mashing together of smerza – a Neapolitan world meaning "twisted" or "left-handed" – and hertz – a unit to measure sonic frequencies – SMHERTZ specializes in off-kilter downtempo with a strong focus on creative digital manipulation and found sounds. He primarily releases on his exploratory Silence+OtherSounds Music imprint, and has now contributed a super-powered 7" vinyl release to the Cold Busted label. Titled Cold Breaks, the record features an aural assault of beats, effects, and extreme dopeness that'll thrill turntablists, hip hop DJs, and digital sampling troubadours alike. A fury of dusty breaks emanates powerfully from black wax the moment the needle is engaged. SMHERTZ has driven crispy hi hats, bouncy snares, and booming kicks to give speakers a powerful work-out. Get prepared to bust out these Cold Breaks!


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