TB-303 / TR-606 - Limited Edition - Serato Control Vinyl 2 x 12"

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TB-303 / TR-606 - Limited Edition 12” Serato Pressing
Revolutionary Sounds Resurrected: Limited Edition TB-303 & TR-606 Vinyl Pressing

To celebrate 303 Day, Serato teamed up with Roland to release a limited edition 12-inch double pressing that’s a true testament to the revolutionary essence of the silver siblings, the Roland TB-303 Bass Line and TR-606 Drumatix. With a limited number of sets available, this collection is more than a collector's item – it's an essential toolkit for DJs ready to spin the sounds that shaped electronic music.

Featuring J Rocc, Fast Eddie, DJ Haus, and Shadow Child, this exceptional lineup breathes new life into the legacy of these iconic machines. Their artistry reinterprets these legends through a contemporary lens, celebrating the enduring impact of these seminal instruments.

Crafted for seamless mixing, the TB-303 vinyl comes alive with Fast Eddie and DJ Haus’s alien-like basslines and elements on Side A, effortlessly syncing with the TR-606 vinyl's dynamic drum patterns and beats, featuring the skilful touches of J Rocc and Shadow Child. The tracks, spanning various BPMs, are meticulously designed for easy layering and syncing, allowing DJs to emulate and innovate in the footsteps of the greats. On Side B, both records feature the Serato control tone for precise mixing and scratching, adding to their versatility.

The Serato Control Vinyl 2.5 performance vinyl features our re-mastered Serato NoiseMapTM Control Tone that is 6db louder than earlier pressings, allowing for precise tracking, better vinyl wear, and the most authentic feeling digital vinyl experience on the market.

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