How to get a DJ gig?

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Network, network, network!

Go where you want gigs. Meet the DJs that play there, talk to the promoter if possible. Be supportive of the parties they throw and help promote. Get to know the staff. Find out who handles bookings. Let them know you’re a DJ and that you’re available if they need anyone to cover. You can also contact different booking agencies to let them know what you play and when you’re available. It’s good to have a link where examples of your mixes can be heard, photos of similar past gigs, any videos you might have of you DJing.

Different logos and headshots in some occasions might be requested. That collection of items is often called an EPK(electronic press kit). It gets easier finding gigs as soon as you're known for your reliability and skills. Building your social media and following in your local area will allow you to also create your own gigs by talking to venue owners/management about the possibilities of building up a slower night of the week.


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