COLORADO FLAG Visual Vinyl Vol. 1: 7" Scratch Record

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Product description

Chris Karns Visual Vinyl Vol. 1
7" Scratch Record
presented by Mile High DJ Supply

The World's First 7" Inch Scratch Tool Where You Can See the Sounds on the Record as they Pass the Needle. You Get to Experience the Two Most Iconic Cuts of All Time (AAHH and FRESH) Like You Never Have Before!

The vinyl goes far deeper than portable. It’s the first time you can see what you’re scratching on real vinyl as the needle drags across the waveform! 

Visual Vinyl is also the first record to have a virtually unlimited number of designs all for the same pressing due to a new printing application on clear vinyl. All artwork specially designed by DMC World Champion DJ Chris Karns


Visual Vinyl Volume 1 is the ultimate 100% skip proof 7" record. With the ease of use and affordability in portable turntables, Volume 1 was designed with the portablist in mind. The record is pressed at a decibel level several decibels louder than any other 7” scratch record... really pushing those built in portable speakers to be the loudest possible without distortion.

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