On-Stage Wall-Mount Speaker Brackets (Pair): Swivel & Tilt (SS7323)

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Product description


Model: SS7323B
 1 3/8" speaker pole mounts a wide range of speakers
 Adjustable tilt angle enables speakers to point either straight ahead or 45° down
 Fully upright, the bracket accommodates speaker cabinets up to 22" deep
 Heavy-duty nut and bolt support 80 lb and swivel 30° left and 30° right
Small to medium speaker cabinet wall mount
Color: Black
Construction: Steel
Distance from wall: 12.5" - 15"
Left to right angle adjustment: 30 degrees
Tilt Angle Adj. 90 degrees - 45 degrees
Weight Capacity: 80 lbs.
Versatile SS7323B Wall-Mount Speaker Bracket mounts speakers to walls—no need for a stand on the floor. For precise sound direction, this bracket positions speakers facing either straight ahead or at a 45° downward angle while the hinged support arm enables swiveling 30° left or 30° right. Its heavy-duty construction keeps speakers properly balanced for reliable placement.

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