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"Introducing original music by the mastermind: Mike Schwartz! The Invisibl Skratch Piklz General and Babylon Sonic Destroyer cook up an almighty timeless classic of heavy beats along with a devastating array of methodically crafted Scratch sounds designed to keep the turntablist culture inspired. 

Created and composed at the Cern in Geneva Switzerland, The Conquest Collider offers up 5 earth-shattering beats. 
Beat one, FLYING SAUCER represents what the title suggests. A serial wax kill inspired abduction. 
DRUMS OF DEATH was created and programmed using the 34th Vox Effect on the classic ASR-10 and channels the spirits of Bonham, Stubblefield, Modeliste. 

EMAG REVO introduces you to sonic shamanism at 128 bpm invoking the spirit world through altered states of consciousness. An up-tempo banger and skill sharpener. 
Entering the flight cabin of the Trillship Enterprise, the fourth selection TRILLENIUM is a signature approach to Ohio class sub tesseract distortion created on the Ensoniq ASR-X. 
WAR ISLAND AVE unleashes an aggressive approach to drum programming combining Hip Hop and Metal, joining forces with Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler. With the result equally powerful of a .50 caliber Browning machine gun. 
To summarize the project ... 
The CONQUEST record is undoubtedly Mix Master Mike's "Hattori Hanzo" 
Passionately constructed to invigorate the art form. 
Use with honor, wisdom, and guidance."

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