Phase Essential Wireless DVS Timecode Controller

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Product description

Phase Essential

Two Phase Remotes on top of your turntables let you control your DJ software without using needles. A powerful and reliable way to perform with turntables in any situation:


No more rumble
: Phase is completely insensitive to vibrations, heavy bass, wild crowds or dust.


Best feeling of accuracy
: Developed to reach zero-latency, Phase offers a top-notch control for mixing, scratching or beat juggling.


One-time purchase: 
Forget spending money on needles, timecode records and cables.

Compatible with your DJ software: Using timecode technology, Phase is compatible with most of the DJ software available. You don't have to change a thing, Phase will adapt to your current setup!

How Phase works?

Phase Receiver: The Receiver is the product's base. It communicates with the Remotes and allows them to charge. It sends the rotation information of the Remotes to the DJ software.

Spindle hole: Designed to seamlessly fit and adapt to any existing turntable.

Phase Remote: They capture the rotation and direction of the turntables. Thanks to spiky gyroscopes, they track perfectly any movements of the records, even the extra slow ones. They are not sensitive to external rumble or vibrations.

Setup A/B buttons: They allow you to link your Remotes to your Receiver so that they are able to communicate with each other.

Customizable LED: Indicates Phase different states: charge, link, low battery etc and lets you pick your color to fit your style!

Battery: Up to 10-hours for your longest gigs, requiring only 2 hours of charge!

USB Connection: To power on your Phase Receiver plugged to any source (5V) or to enjoy the new Serato HID integration plugged into your laptop.

RCA outputs: 2 stereo RCA outputs to smoothly integrate
Phase to any DVS DJ setup.

Phase technology

A powerful radio communication: The two Remotes analyze the rotation of the turntables: speed, direction, movement. Thanks to a powerful radio communication protocol, they wirelessly send it to the Receiver communicating with the DJ software. This technology developed in-house, offers a real-time control with minimum latency, and guarantees a seamless signal quality in any situation.

Forget all about external disturbances: Phase is completely unaffected by external perturbations such as rumble, defective turntables - any common DJ equipment issue. It has been designed with DJs to offer the most reliable and stable way to perform with turntables in any situation! DJs can now focus on one thing only: their performance.

The best feeling of control: Whether you prefer mixing, scratching or beat juggling, Phase offers a top-notch accuracy. It has been developed to reach a zero-latency level for any kind of performance. Even the slowest movements of the record are detected by the Remotes.

Built to last: a one-time purchase. Reinforced with aluminum circling, Phase has been developed to be compact, and impact-resistant. Perfect for DJs touring around the world. You buy it once, it will back you up for endless gigs!

An official Serato accessory: Phase is now fully integrated to Serato DJ Pro, offering the easiest way to set up: it's just plug’n’play! Discover the new WIR deck mode, uniquely developed for Phase, as well as brand-new dedicated features.The best turntable DJ experience you can expect!

  • 10-hour battery-life per Remote

  • 2 stereo RCA outputs

  • USB connection to power and configure Phase

  • 2.4 GHz signal radio frequency

  • 32 bits / 96kHz audio support

  • Robust and impact resistant


What's in the box?

1 Phase Receiver

4 Phase Remotes

2 MWM RCA Cables

1 MWM USB Cable

4 Phase Magnetic Stickers

1 Quick Start Guide

How to setup

  • Integrated DVS mixer
  • Analog mixer
  • Connect the Phase Receiver to your DJ mixer through the Line outputs
  • Place the Phase Remotes on top of your timecode records
  • Phase has been designed to connect directly to any DVS DJ setup and is compatible with Serato DJ pro (and lite), Traktor, Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ.

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