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Superseal VII Pro Left Leg: Melted Mutt part #5 12" Scratch Record

Superseal VII
Superseal VII
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SUPERSEAL VII Pro 12” Left Leg puzzles piece #5 for the Desert Storm Giant Robo! Crazy wild skipless skratch samples on one side timed at 100 bpm for the funky tempos and the other side timed at 133 bpm for the uptempo and halftime flows!!! A super tool for the pro skratchers who bust at all tempos!!! Produced by Skratchy Seal because Melted Mutt was in a different dimension! On lovely Purple marble wax! Get a few!!! These are one of those special rare records that will be increasing in value as time moves on!! Only 500 in existence!!!

Robo art by East3

Melted Mutt photo by Skratchy Seal

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