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Product description

Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD: Professional all-in-one DJ system

This new professional all-in-one DJ system puts you in control of the music, like the conductor of an orchestra. Creating harmony between beautiful design and musical playability, it includes new and evolved features such as standalone 4-deck playback. All this combines to provide a spectacular DJ experience that you can harness to inspire your audience in any space or location.



Harmony between brand-new beautiful design and musical playability

The OPUS-QUAD introduces a completely fresh approach to DJ equipment that harmonizes design and playability. Raising the level of elegance in musical direction and the space the music fills, it helps create a special experience for your audience.


Standalone 4-deck playback for versatile DJ performances

The OPUS-QUAD offers standalone 4-deck playback for versatile DJ performances. This means you can play 4 tracks on 4 different decks simultaneously, cue up tracks in advance, or leave a deck free for dropping requests into your set at a moment’s notice – all with just one unit. You can also assign a different color to each deck, which is matched by the jog ring illumination, so you’ll always know which deck you’re playing with.


Support for multiple media sources to match different playing styles

How do you like to play? From USB thumb drives or huge SSD drives? By plugging in your PC/Mac that’s running DJ software? By connecting via Wi-Fi to wirelessly play tracks from your smartphone using rekordbox (coming April 2023), or by using rekordbox CloudDirectPlay? You can draw from various music libraries with just 1 OPUS-QUAD and you can even pair a mobile device via Bluetooth/MD wireless technology – perfect if you want to quickly drop a request into your set.


Rapid and accurate track search – even from the biggest collections

Find your tracks faster and more accurately than ever before with the freshly designed user interface with an electrostatic touch module. No matter how big your music library is, you can use the 10.1-inch touch screen to quickly search for songs via the keyboard or use Playlist Bank for quick navigation between playlists. With Touch Preview, you can even preview tracks while browsing. The new Smart Rotary Selector offers a joystick-like experience with left/right, up/down, rotation, and push control. And the other browsing controls are neatly arranged around the selector so you can scour your music collection and preview and load tracks without moving your hand.


Optimized deck configuration and new Smart Cue

Take control of the music with a slick deck layout that includes a deck display and 8 Hot Cue buttons above each full-size jog wheel. With this arrangement, you don’t need to switch your gaze when manipulating tracks or checking things such as the track information, parameter, and status of each function. And with the new Smart Cue feature*, you can automatically overwrite the current cue position with the recalled Hot Cues. This makes it much quicker and more intuitive than ever before to use Hot Cues with one touch.

*To use the Smart Cue function, ‘Overwrite Current Cue with Hot Cue’ must be turned on in the Utility setting in advance.


High-quality pleasant sound that enhances the audience’s experience

Designed to meet the needs of the increasingly diverse DJ scene, the OPUS-QUAD produces high-quality sound that’s comfortable to listen to for long periods of time. The configuration of the unit eliminates transmission loss and AD-DA conversion loss and it’s loaded with a high-quality 32-bit D/A converter from ESS Technology. As a result, wherever you play on the OPUS-QUAD, the entire venue is gently enveloped by a comfortable sound that enhances the spatial experience.


Easy-to-use professional effects

The evolved effects on the OPUS-QUAD make it easy to add texture and tension to the music so you can hype up the crowd and personalize your sound with Beat FX. The XY-Pad makes it easy to control features such as FX Bank and channel select, as Beat FX parameters and the cut-off frequency of the filter are controlled by movement on the X and Y-axis respectively, so you can blend both effects with a single finger. With the popular Smooth Echo feature, you can easily trigger an echo sound by moving a fader or knob you’ve pre-assigned to apply the effect when it’s turned on.


Zone output for playing different music in different spaces

Thanks to the zone output – which can output sound that’s separate from the master – you can play different music in different rooms from just 1 OPUS-QUAD. For example, you could connect a phone to the unit via Bluetooth and set a playlist of background music to play quietly in a bar area or second room where people are socializing while you mix tracks from a USB device in the main room.


rekordbox and Serato compatibility

Plug-and-play compatibility for rekordbox Performance mode and Serato DJ Pro (coming summer 2023) is included with the OPUS-QUAD. You can simply plug in your PC/Mac running either application to get started – there’s no need for a license or subscription. If you use rekordbox you can also connect to the rekordbox for iOS/Android mobile app (coming April 2023). To use the system with rekordbox for free, click here to install the PC/Mac version of the software.



rekordbox Link Export

Play tracks directly from your laptop as if it were a USB drive via rekordbox Link Export mode.

Firmware Update Manager

You’ll be automatically notified when firmware updates become available. You can download the Firmware Update Manager here.

Smooth Echo

Assign the Smooth Echo effect to your choice from a selection of controls, e.g. a fader or pad. Then, when you turn on Smooth Echo with its dedicated button, the echo will be triggered as soon as you move the relevant control.

2 mic inputs

The mic input circuit produces crystal-clear sound, even with a high input level.

Beat Loop knob

Using just one knob, you can turn on/off and change the length of a Beat Loop.


Compare the Opus-Quad to Pioneer DJ's other stand alone controllers https://www.pioneerdj.com/en-us/landing/comparison/dj-all-in-one/


Main Features

Plays: MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, FLAC

USB Storage Support: FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, (NTFS isn’t supported.)

Compatible DJ Software
- rekordbox for Mac/Windows: Hardware Unlock
- rekordbox for iOS/Android (coming April 2023)
- Serato DJ Pro: Hardware Unlock (coming summer 2023)

MIDI Control: Yes
USB record: Yes
Plug and Play: Yes
Auto Standby: Yes

What's in the box
Power cord
Quick Start Guide
Precautions for Use
Warranty (Only products in Europe. Products in North America and Japan include warranty information in the “Precautions for Use”)


Frequency Range: 20 - 20000 Hz
Width: 36.44 in
Height: 5.59 in
Depth: 19.67 in
Weight: 29.1 lb
Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz
Dimensional Outline drawing: Click here https://bit.ly/3my7U7z for the details

Power Supply: AC 100-240 V, 50 Hz / 60Hz
Power Consumption: 60 W
MASTER DA converter: 32 bit
A/D, D/A Converter: 24 bit

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
USB: 114 dB
LINE: 96 dB
PHONO: 85 dB
MIC: 79 dB

USB: 0.003 %
LINE: 0.005 %


Performance Control

Channels: 4

Deck Control
4 (USB storage device)
4 (DJ Software control)

Jog Wheel: 206 mm

Jog Feeling: Yes

Sound Color FX
- Space
- Dub Echo
- Sweep
- Noise
- Crush
- Filter

Beat FX
- Delay
- Echo
- Ping Pong
- Spiral
- Reverb
- Trans
- Filter
- Flanger
- Phaser
- Pitch
- Slip Roll
- Roll
- Vinyl Brake
- Helix

Hot Cues: 8 per deck
Beat Loop: Yes
Auto Beat Loop: Yes
Beat Sync: Yes
Quantize: Yes
WaveZoom: Yes
Trim knob: Yes
EQ Isolator: Yes
Manual Loop: Yes



Mic Connection: XLR connector & 1/4 inch TRS jack
Mic EQ: 3 band
Talkover: MIC OFF/ON/TALK OVER slide SW


2 MIC (XLR connector & 1/4 inch TRS jack)

1 BOOTH (1/4 inch TRS Jack)
1 PHONES (1/4 inch stereo phone Jack)
1 PHONES (3.5-mm stereo mini jack)

3 USB A ports
1 USB C port


Wireless LAN

Supported standards: IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
Frequency band used: 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz



Wireless system: Bluetooth ver. 4.2

Maximum transmission distance: Approximately 20 m in unobstructed circumstances.
(Transmission distances are a guideline. Transmission distance may change depending on the surrounding environment.)

Modulation method: FH-SS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)

Compatible codecs: SBC, AAC




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