H2O LED IR 10W LED Water Flow W/UC IR - ADJ
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The ADJ H2O IR is a multi-colored simulated water flowing effect with a 12W LED source. The unit produces almost no heat, requires very little power (23.8W max) and can be used all night long. The LED is rated at 30,000 hours of use.The unit comes equippe
LTS-2 12 ft Heavy Duty Black Tripod Stand - ADJ
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This high quality, black aluminum tripod from ADJ offers easy set-up and portability for mounting your incredible ADJ lighting fixtures while on the road. Even the biggest and best shows still need to pay attention to the nuts and bolts. This sturdy, reli
SPSX2B Two Speaker Stands w/ Carry Bag - ADJ
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Two Speaker stands and a carrying bag• 2x SPS1.1-B Speaker Stands• 1x Carry Bag

• Heavy Duty Speaker Stands
• Weight capacity: 80 lbs. / 36 kegs.
• Includes socket mounting bracket to attach to speaker
• Recommended maximum height
BUBBLETRON XL Portable High Output Bubble Machine w/ Wired Digital Communication Network - ADJ
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Portable high output bubble machine with durable plastic casing and large, EZ-Access front fluid tank. Creates hundreds of bubbles per minute. Specifications

• Portable high output bubble machine - creates hundreds of bubbles per minute

• Extra-lar
Event Facade II BL (Black Frame) - ADJ
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ADJ’s popular Event Facade has been upgraded with an even more compact design. As with it’s predecessor, the new Event Facade II is available in two versions: the Event Facade II BL, which has a black frame, and the Event Facade II WH, which has a white f
M-500L 12” Mirror Ball Pack w/ A/C Motor, UL Pinspot - ADJ
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The M-500L mirror ball package from American DJ is is that one accessory you need to add to your light and DJ show. The 12" Mirror Ball that is included will be a perfect fit for your event or dance floor. With 100's of reflective mini-panels, you will ge